The LOTUS & LIGHTNING charitable project is a collaboration between the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure (VFEMI), Naked River Films, and Earthville Arts to channel interest and revenue generated by the music, the film, and the website into programs to support traditional music and improve living conditions in Vietnam.

Education and Infrastructure Programs

Current projects to improve education and infrastructure in Vietnam include:

  • Educational opportunities and financial support for female orphans—high school, college, and vocational school tuition; uniforms, new clothing, educational books and supplies; basic medical care, tutorial assistance, computers, and new bicycles

  • School breakfast programs—feeding more than 170 children per day, most of whom would go hungry without this program

  • Building new elementary schools—completed architectural plans, held fundraising events, and currently applying for grants

  • Renovating high school facilities—built new bathrooms, showers, and drinking water fountains

Our educational and infrastructural goals include:

  • Increase the number of female orphans in the education support program from 10 to 25
  • Increase the number of enrolled children to 500
  • Complete the construction of one elementary school and playground
  • Provide computers, reference books, and a school library for the high school

Traditional Music

Inspired by the music you"ve heard here? You can help us take the musical aspects of the project to the next level by making a donation (tax-deductible in the US) to the Earthville Network. Your support will help us bring the music to a larger audience, and to produce new recordings of the precious treasures of traditional music and share them with the world.

To donate securely via PayPal (using either a credit card or a PayPal account), click the button below:

Buy the Music

You can also support our projects by buying our Vietnamese music CDs from Earthville Arts. All proceeds from CD sales will go toward our music and infrastructure programs.

Support music, education and infrastructure in Vietnam by treating yourself or your friends to music!

Nguyen Ngoc Khánh:
Fire in the Lake

Hoa Tràng An:
Ancient Flower