The roots of Vietnamese music are millennia deep, embedded in the rich soil of the Vietnamese countryside and the diversity of indigenous and migrant cultures who have planted seeds since long before written history.

The traditional music of Vietnam is thus a highly refined art form, and yet, in its most authentic expressions, it still possesses an earthy candor and profound spirit. In this way, it could be regarded as a hybrid of what would be considered "classical" and "folk" genres in Euro-American music.

The music of LOTUS & LIGHTNING represents what we might call the yin and yang (feminine and masculine) poles of traditional Vietnamese music. The music of Nguyen Ngoc Khánh and his family is a virtuosic explosion of fiery spirit, while the elegant sounds of Hoa Tràng An are the very manifestation of feminine power and grace. And yet each contains the heart of the other - the lotus and the lightning.

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do!

> Nguyen Ngoc Khánh: Fire In The Lake
> Hoa Tràng An: Ancient Flower

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